About the Gallery

 E. Wildman Gallery opened its first brick and mortar in

March 2019. 

read below to see how it all came about....


- The Gallery Story -


Erica Wildman, the artist and owner of E. Wildman Gallery, started selling her art professionally in 2010 in Austin, TX. After a few years of the "hustle," she started hosting art shows (though many would say "art parties") at venues like the W Hotel or on the top floor of the Austonian. She chose these types of venues because she could create a cool vibe with music, drinks, fun people and display her artwork as if it were in a gallery versus her art studio, which was always a mess (more on that below). 


When Erica paints, she is like a mad scientist. Not only is paint everywhere, including the canvas, floors, and herself, but every single thing she is using to create the art with. Erica says she has "painting ADD." She is constantly working on five or more projects at a time, so as the number of projects increases, so does the mess. This was never a "problem" until a collector, or prospective client would come into her studio to view her artwork. She always felt viewing her art within such chaos didn't honor her work, though many disagreed with her. Erica always appreciated the positive reinforcement, but it "ate" at her that her art wasn't being showcased in a way she ultimately wanted.   

Although Erica loved hosting events at swanky venues to showcase her artwork, she always dreamed of opening a gallery of her own. So, in December of 2018 she took the plunge and started construction on her art studio to transform it into a Gallery + Studio, which is now E. Wildman Gallery + Studio.   


Now as you enter E. Wildman Gallery you're welcomed by her current art collection. Behind the Gallery walls is her (messy) art studio. Be sure to sneak a peek! You'll see where all the art magic happens and where the mess never goes away ;)!